4 Ocak 2007 Perşembe

Yeni Bir Spam - Ya Kardeşim Siz Nasıl Para Kazanıyorsunuz ?

Geçtiğimiz aylarda bahsetmiştim gelen spamden, zengin bir işadamının oğlu olduğunu ve babasının mirasını yurtdışına çıkartmak istediğini söyleyen kullanıcımız, bu konuda yardım talep ediyordu.

Bugün daha da fantastik bir mail aldım , bakın aşağıda;

Maclord ChambersPlot 205 Marina Way,Victoria Island ,Lagos-NigeriaTell Phone: 234-1-474-3867Fax: 234-1-88-12824Email :maclord18@yahoo.com Compliment of the day. I got your contact in course of my inquiry to locate relations of my Deceasesd Client Mr Mercer Tilki,who died in a car crash on the 13th February 2003.The reason for this is to inherit a Contracts Payment Deposits Account of $6.5 million of which the Deceased left in a Finance Firm. Consequently, having gone through to your profile on Internet, I want you to please assist me to inherit the fund into your Account. This request emerged last week when the Finance Firm contacted me for the attention of my Deceases Client (perhaps for one reason or the other they have tried to contact him and was unsuccessful). However, thereupon I announced his death and protocols observed, I was mandated (as the deceased's attorney)to provide the Next of Kin to inherit the Deposits or they will freeze it as"Unclaimed Deposit".Unfortunately, and unknown to the Finance Firm, the Next of Kin was among the dead in the car crash. But rather leaving the Deposits/Account frozen hence I seek your help to claim the fund into your Account as you share same names with the Next of Kin and I have the required Information to execute the transaction under legal process. Please contact me for further information and commencement of the transaction,and I need your full mailing address,your direct telephone number/Fax number,for this transaction to commence successfully. Be informed that your compensation will be 40% of this fund,while 60% will be my share. Please it is only trust and honesty to ourself will make this claim to work out accordingly,and success will be our achievement at the end of this transaction. Please get in touch with me by my email address :(maclord18@yahoo.com ) For the successful transaction, Yours faithfully,Maclord Ubah Esq

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